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Conception of Get Paid In Bitcoin

(10/31/2015 12:00:00 AM) Bitcoin has been a major part of my thinking since first discovering the new technology several years ago and one of the main thoughts during this entire time is that bitcoin is hard to use. It’s hard to get, difficult to understand and has a complicated user interface. Many of these issues are inherent to this new decentralised protocol and cannot easily be removed. My mission though was to create a service that mimics the traditional method in which most people receive most of their money throughout their lifetimes. This method is of course receiving wages. Any bitcoin wages service however will need to have an easy to use interface and will need to have a simple way of interacting with the existing systems that are used to deliver peoples wages around Australia. The method must also not mention bitcoin in any way. This is to ensure the privacy of the client and to ensure that there are no delays in processing due to an employer seeking clarification on what bitcoin is and why an employee wants to receive bitcoin wages. Work will begin on the site and user portal as a live system with the new users helping with testing and feedback in return for fee free services until we are happy with the service and portal.

Working on the Portal and Website

(11/15/2015 9:52:17 AM) An online service such as Get Paid In BItcoin requires experience and knowledge of many various aspects of web development, blockchain architecture and security. As the business founder and system designer, this was beyond my skillset and my aim was to find two people that shared my enthusiasm for bitcoin along with the knowledge to implement the systems required to launch and maintain a website to deliver this service. With the introduction of Lucas Cullen and Shane Stevenson to the business GPIB has gained an enormous amount of experience in the bitcoin ecosystem. Lucas has been a bitcoin and ethereum developer for several years and has worked on various blockchain based projects and implementations both locally and overseas and has experience working in corporate Australia in banking and government organisations. Shane has experience building a user website that includes an exchange and user portal. He also has a wide experience in system design and architecture. With the formation of the team, we are now in a position to design the website and commence the deployment of our minimum viable product.

Inclusion of Advisory Board

(11/18/2015 4:27:42 AM) As with any new business in a new field, one of my goals in the early days of GPIB was to gain some mentors to help guide and advise on the future developments of the new business. Our inclusion of Alan -, Darren, Leon and Richard the advisory board gain a huge amount of experience and guidance in all aspects of business, regulation, taxation, innovation, cryptocurrency and client interactions.

Partner Organisations

(12/18/2015 2:58:35 AM) Although GPIB was setup with the intention to service individuals who would like to receive bitcoin pay, we still see the value in also working with employers who understand the advantages of bitcoin and wish to offer our service to their staff. During my travels I am constantly on the lookout for businesses and organisations that are innovative in their business practices and have great workplaces for their staff. The businesses in the Partners section of the website have all made GPIB available to their staff as they see that advantages that bitcoin hold for their staff and they wish to support this new technology.