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Latest Updates

This page will show the lastest updates and changes to the site, as well as discuss new features on the road map.

Sprint 1

(10/31/2015 12:00:00 AM) This month we have been bug fixing and building the MVP. The bitcoin exchange rate now automatically updates every 60 seconds.

Sprint 2

(11/15/2015 9:52:17 AM) The second offical fortnightly sprint is now completed and deployed. The focus of the sprint was to capture more user deposit data to help use correlate wage deposits with users accounts. Cosmetic fixes to the dashboard page have also been completed.

Sprint 3

(11/18/2015 4:27:42 AM) This sprint had the goal of improving our backend processes. By making our backend robust and efficient, it frees up resources to roll out new features to the dashboard. The dashboard styling continues to improve too. A few javascript bugs are now fixed and layouts continue to become more intuitive.

Sprint 4

(12/18/2015 2:58:35 AM) We did not consume as many story points as we would have liked this sprint. Most of the development effort was around finalising the branding, and making the dashboard as intuitive as possible. New drop down menus and modals have been added to try and achieve this goal. Other minor bugs where fixed, including some jQuery issues stoping the site rendering correctly on mobile devices.

Sprint 8

(4/22/2016 6:36:06 AM) This sprint we migrated our database to a new provider and improved security. A few minor display bugs were fixed. Our backend system is becoming more robust too, as we are finding odd edge cases from our users. A lot of effort has been put in to automated testing. Most of the functionality of the site is now automatically tested to ensure a great user experience and ensure we catch bugs before our users do.