Why get paid in bitcoin?

Bitcoin is great.
Buying bitcoin on an exchange, waiting for the best rate and transferring to your wallet is a pain.
Our unique one time setup can enable a portion of your pay to be paid to your wallet, automatically
EVERY payday.

Getting started is really simple

Step 1: Register to the site and get your bank deposit details.
Step 2: Add your bitcoin payment address.
Step 3: Give the bank deposit details to your employeer or pay provider.
Step 4: Receive your selected amount of your next pay in Bitcoin.

Features & benefits

Great Rates

We source bitcoins from a number of sources both locally and internationally to ensure we get the best price. We pass these benefits on to you through the best rates, week in, week out.

Multiple addresses

You can split your bitcoin payment to multiple address. Send some to a cold wallet for saving. A phone wallet for spending.

Fast payments

Bitcoin offers a near instantaneous payment. As soon as our system receives notification of your pay, your bitcoins will be dispatched.


Our proprietary system ensures we can keep fees to a minimum. We charge a flat fee of $1 per deposit. Bitcoin Assocation of Australia members recieve a 10% discount.

The team

Get Paid In Bitcoin consists of two longtime members of the bitcoin community in Australia, Adam Poulton and Lucas Cullen.
Adam Poulton has been involved with several bitcoin projects dating back to 2012. Recent work has been with the Bitcoin Association of Australia in promotion of bitcoin and its benefits to the wider Australian population and involvement with the Federal Government and its agencies in getting bitcoin treated in a fair and equitable manner throughout the relevant regulatory framework.

Security & privacy

Security and Privacy are the highest order of priority here at Get Paid In Bitcoin. We only collect the essential information that we require to facilitate the conversion of your dollar pay to bitcoin. Your privacy is also ensured, with no third parties or your employer having to know that you receive bitcoin pay. We will not share your information or your bitcoin address with anyone.